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Potential Dealers for New England Wood Pellet Products

New England Wood Pellet seeks a strong, diversified network of retail outlets to make our high quality products available year round at a good value for consumers in the northeast.   

We strive to make consistent and reliable products, building upon our know-how dating back to the founding of the company in 1992 by Steve Walker.  

New England Wood Pellet continues to believe that the best way to get bagged pellet fuel to consumers in the most efficient manner is through a retail network.  Consequently, we have an array of retail establishments from specialty hearth shops, to farm, lawn and garden outlets, to lumber yards and building material supply stores, pellet warehouses, convenience stores, e-commerce and home-delivery based entities.

New England Wood Pellet does not retail bagged fuel from our manufacturing facilities.

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We Make Heat!

As experienced retailers know, the pellet industry is still fairly young.  It is subject to dynamic economic forces which have at times generated shortages at one extreme to over supply at the other.  The price for oil and other fossil fuels, the weather and the consumer’s individual decision making can greatly swing the market. As a refiner of wood, we are in the energy business — we make heat.  We are part of the global economy and its marketplace.  Retailers of wood pellets are very much part of the energy business, as well.


Quality: Pride in Every Pellet

Through our experience manufacturing wood pellets since 1992, we know there is a lot required in order to make a high quality pellet.  Not all pellets are created equal nor do all pellets have the same burn characteristics given the range of pellet appliances available on the market.  Over time, New England Wood Pellet has earned its reputation for providing consumers with a consistently performing product.

Pellet quality depends upon the quality of the wood fiber from which it is made and the handling of that material in the pellet making process.  Testing through in-house lab analysis of incoming materials and finished product is a standard operating procedure at New England Wood Pellet.  The testing process is also matched with independent third party lab analysis, as well, further ensuring the maintenance of high quality.

New England Wood Pellet uses materials obtained in the northeast and, in turn, mostly represents a blend of the diversity of tree species found in our region.  New England Wood Pellets generally have an 90% hardwood, 10% softwood composition.


Expertise and Commitment

Not only does New England Wood Pellet make pellets, but we have a research & development/fabrication division which supports innovation and continuous improvement in our manufacturing process.  Ultimately, this means efficiency, keeping costs lower.

Outside of our plants, New England Wood Pellet exercises its leadership by making sure that governmental and business leaders at the local, state and federal levels are aware of the vital role that pellet fuels can play in meeting our nation’s energy, climate and economic development goals.

New England Wood Pellet’s leadership at various levels through the years has given us invaluable industry experience.  Our sales team listens carefully to our retail network in order to make the business relationship stronger and more effective.

We believe an educated retailer and their staff are an important link in advancing the knowledge of consumers.  From on site tours and events, including our popular “Wood Energy Day”, to promotional materials to sales staff support at dealer events and functions, to sponsoring larger industry based happenings, New England Wood Pellet gets involved.



As a manufacturer there are certain expectations that we have for our retailers and there are, of course, expectations which the retailer will have for the manufacturer.  These include making sure that product is available in a timely fashion to supply the retailers’ needs, that customer service is available to support the retailer and their customers, and retailers are treated fairly with business being conducted in a clear and efficient manner.

We seek strong business relationships that last.